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Copper Gulch Design

Truth be told - Ed and I were two midwestern kids that simply fell in love with the West.  With hardly anything in our pockets but a love for the land in our hearts we definitely took the “road less traveled” which happened to be up Copper Gulch in the mountains of Southern Colorado.

It was beautiful, the air was fresh and clean, the possibilities seemed infinite - it was what we could afford.

It was against this backdrop of natural beauty and solitude that Copper Gulch Design was born.  Spurred on by necessity and fueled by our drive to create, we built a house, started a family, and eventually expressed ourselves through artwork inspired by the vistas around us.

Our love for the land became a passion for those special places in the American West as exhibited by our polymer clay “Copper Gulch” jewelry line.  And our respect for the land and inherent sense of stewardship led to our “re-envisioned” metal jewelry line, using repurposed aluminum, brass and copper from scrapyards.

We continue to love and be inspired by those special places and we hope that you have special places of your own.

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